Blackjack is one of the most popular casino games out there, both in the land of brick and mortar casinos and in online casinos. It is an easy casino game to play and money can be made off of it if you use some strategy.

And just when a company has a product that becomes popular and hit, they create variations to try to make even more of a profit from the product concept, the casino world has done the same with the game of blackjack, creating variations of it that, on the surface are packaged to look like something new and refreshing, are in all reality are designed as money-takers.

Usually blackjack variations are played in the same way that a normal game of blackjack is played. Usually there are some changes to the double down rules or to the splitting of pairs. But the biggest changes are in the addition of side bets.

Side bets are wagers that players make whose results are independent of the outcome of the game, and their odds are not with the player. And then there is the fact that there is no strategy available to help improve a player’s odds when it comes to those side bets.

For example, one such side bet is in the blackjack variation called Perfect Pairs. The side bet is on whether or not the player’s first two cards dealt to them will be a pair or not. In this situation there is no strategy that could help the player to anticipate when they are more likely to be dealt a pair—not even card counting.

There is one strategy that does work in the player’s favor in regard to all side bet based blackjack variations—just avoid them! No matter how tempting they are and how hard those cutesy blackjack variations might appear, remember that side bet based blackjack variations are the Venus Fly Traps of the casino world.

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